Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heavy Sigh

Alas and alack, I blogged too soon. It turns out that my story has to be bumped from the February issue of Arkham Tales to the May one.

BUT...there's a good reason. Ads came in last minute. I can respect that -- a paying market has to have the ways and means to pay, after all.

And, you know, you can help. Arkham Tales accepts donations -- think of it as a very inexpensive submission to some nifty horror fiction, as well as supporting someone brave enough to start a new paying ezine in this economy.

So, take a look at February's issue. Read, enjoy, shiver. Maybe donate a little money. Offer to advertise if you have a business that could fit (we're educated readers, horror aficionados -- and, you know, we buy things, too). And then, wait patiently (or not so, depending) for the May issue, when THEN 'Road Rage' by yours truly will see the light of day, or the dark of night, or some such.

Watching you while holding out a donations can,
J.C. Koch

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Anonymous WKEverhart said...

Sorry about the bump. $*#@ happens and all that. BUT you're still getting published in the Spring...a time of ROAD RAGE..well, hokey-but you catch my drift.:D

February 15, 2009 at 7:43 AM  

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